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cost of life

At the present time in Spain is practically impossible to buy a house, or a flat if u are singer... impossible!!! The costs are like never ending story, growing, growing, growing... if one persone wants 120.000 € , finally in forty years will pay 240.000... (and overcoat forgetting a simple live... bye travel, bye go out for dinner with friends...)... oh my god, why!!?? Last month the costs increased 10%, ... ok, again, 10% !!!!!!!! In July a flat of 100.000 € now is 110.000 € !!

I still waiting why the cost increases, why??? .... really i think i must get married soon if i wanna buy something... but that's more interesting. When a couple buy a flat or a house the practically cant pay too... and that's cause that they cant go to the cinema, out with friends, simply buy that trousers u like... consequences: get angry, discussion -> the relationship is over...

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