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Shit and double Shit!!!. I'm fed up with partnered people!!!! Why, why, why they think that if u are single your life isn't much important than their, and you dont must have secrets or private life. They think they must know all about u, but u dont must know anything about them... if u wanna have a quite afternoong going to cinema and dinner out that's not important for them, they want always u be at their complete disposition for dinner, go out, etc... WTF??!!!

Single people have problems too, and is so hard sometimes cause u don't have someone at home when u arrive so angry to calm down, u must call a friend or familiar... They dont understand u have your own problems, think that their problems are more importants than ours.

I love one of the episodes of Sex and the City, when Carrie is stolen at friend's home (her Manolos!!! has dissapeared). Finally she remember to her married friend that she isnt married and dont have childs, so she paid so much money as presents for her married friends and that's privilege that single people don't have.
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